What separates the very best from everyone else?

Are they simply smarter than their competitors, do they work much harder, or is it something else that distinguishes them?

This is one of the main topics of this blog.

Hello, I’m

Allon Khakshouri

Psychology of Success Expert, Former Manager of World Number One Tennis Player Novak Djokovic

Having managed some of the world’s best tennis players, including the current world number one Novak Djokovic, I have witnessed first hand what distinguishes outliers from everyone else; it is their relentless desire to continuously find out how they can push themselves at every level in their lives. And that is exactly what this blog is about.

I have spent years researching success psychology, and will share some of the key fundamental principles to living a more successful and fulfilled life. I am convinced that by studying top performers we can learn how to create the good life also for ourselves. Outliers in the field of sport, business and entertainers have the determination to take the kind of action that triggers more success.

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At some level we all strive to live an extraordinary life, although we often feel uncomfortable to admit it. Whether we want more success in our professional life, to experience deeper relationships, to generate more moments of joy and fun, or to feel more energized and alive, most people have an idea of what it is they want, so they can enjoy a more pleasurable and meaningful life.  And if you are like me, you may be dreaming for improvements in ALL those key areas.

So what stops us?

The answer is quite simple for most people it is their psychology.

Let me explain; invisible scripts that have been formed throughout our life are running the show, often even without us knowing. This is how we create the kind of beliefs and values that can be either supportive or non-supportive towards living a fulfilled life. We create patterns of thinking and behavior that determine our lives, without even noticing. Without understanding our own mental patterns and learning how to change them, we are doomed to stay stuck.

Of course, we all have our reasons and excuses why we don’t live up to our potential. However, this blog is about reclaiming your power to consciously design the lifestyle you desire. The good news is, that we can, in fact, change our thinking – we can master our psychology and therefore experience massive breakthroughs.  Top performers take full responsibility for their circumstances, and take the kind of action that enables them to literally reinvent themselves time and again. This is how they ignite the kind of upward spiral of success that makes them unstoppable.

But I want to take success a step further: I have also noticed that too often top performers pursue success at every cost, and at the expense of their own well being and happiness. To me, this can’t be right, and therefore I will share with you various ideas how you can both be a Champion in your career, and at the same time enjoy a balanced, personal life. This is how you unleash your very best, as both success and happiness feed off each other.

Finally, ultimate success comes from leveraging your achievements and making a difference – not only for yourself but for something beyond your own self interest. This is what I believe defines a true champion, and is another key theme you will be reading about.

Automate Success

Everything you need to know about how to become successful is available, and still so many people struggle to achieve their biggest goals. However, the good news is that small changes in the way we think, act and behave can trigger massive results. In this blog, you will find tons of information how you can create the kind of success habits that will make you unstoppable.

Cultivate Happiness

Without feeling good about yourself and experiencing moments of fun and joy, all the success in the world becomes pointless. Therefore a key focus in this blog will be to show you how you can take conscious steps to feel more happy and fulfilled.

Make a Difference

To feel truly inspired and motivated in whatever you pursue, you also need to feel that what you do matters, and that you are making a difference to someone. In this blog you will find the tools you need to make an impact in your life.

My goal is to finally provide you with a platform that will help you discover your best self, in the areas that matter to you, and a game plan to balance professional excellence with personal satisfaction.

Allon Khakshouri